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Throughout history, jewelry has been one of the most fascinating forms of art, used not only to decorate people’s bodies, but to capture moments of history and timeless beauty, and preserve them forever.   

Sarah Priny Newby...was born and raised in beautiful Thailand, a land where the magic, glory and mystic of the past meets with the vibrant modernity of the present. Her passion for jewelry started at the age of 6, when she used to collect stones and make her own necklaces. Thailand has for centuries been the epicenter of design and making fine jewelry, Sarah was lucky to have grown up with several master artisans of jewelry in her life.  

At the age of 12, Sarah went to a summer school, where she first started learning how to make jewelry. She made her first piece of precious jewelry by the time she went to college at 16, whilst completing her B.A. in Political Science. Post graduation, and her Masters of Education in Educational Administration Program.........During this time until present Sarah has made jewelry as it has always been her passion, she voraciously extracted jewelry making secrets from the masters of the craft whenever she had the chance. Sarah was always sure to be enrolled in some jewelry making course or another during teenage and young adult life. Her passion for jewelry endeavored her to pursue the study of the ancient handmade jewelry techniques, as well as the modern computer assisted design methods . Along her journey of skill and knowledge with her passion, she has become adept in many facets of jewelry making, from gemology, to 3d CAD design (Matrix), to casting and setting. Throughout this journey, she earned a lot of degrees and certifications, including: 

  • Certification in “Jewelry Design by Computer” (Matrix Program) – The Gem and Jewelry Institute of Thailand
  • Certification in Stone Setting – Stewart’s International School for Jewelers – USA 
  • Certification in Jewelry Casting - The Gem and Jewelry Institute of Thailand  
  • Certification in Intensive Jewelry Making & Design - Loha Studio of Jewelry Art - Thailand  
  • Certification Jewelry Wax Modeling by Thai Goldsmith Association  
  • Certification in Gem Analysis – Bangkok Vocational Training School  
  • Certification in Stone Cutting - Bangkok Vocational Training School  

January 2011  Sarah being drug to America, Somehow she became entrenched with other business ventures that were not as close to her heart as her jewelry making. After years of struggling she had an awakening that would change the course of her life for the future and make her a happier person. 

During a horrible time in her life,

 Sarah decided that she would no longer work in something that she didn’t enjoy. Sarah decided to give up her previous professional life and focus on her true passion… designing and making jewelry. turning her passion to a full-time profession. It has been rewarding and, like everything worthy in life hasn’t been easy. But as it is about the journey and happiness, and not about the goal, if there ever really was one. So, armed with a full heart and a happy soul, Sarah is meeting the challenges head on.